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Texture Analyser

Single Column

Texture Analyzer

(TAXT Plus - Load Capacity 50 Kg)

(Stable Micro Systems, U.K)

Dual Column

Texture Analyser

(TAHD Plus - Load Capacity 750 Kg)

(Stable Micro Systems, U.K)

  • Stable Micro Systems, U.K. (SMS) is the most preferred manufacturer of Texture Analysers world-wide.
  • Over 3000 Texture Analysers have been supplied across the globe by SMS.
  • Thousands of Research Papers have been published by scientists throughout the world using SMS Texture Analysers.
  • 120 Texture Analysers are installed in India by Scientific and Digital Systems.
  • Over 75 types of probes and fixtures are available from Stable Micro Systems.
  • Dedicated Texture Analysis software with unique features to provide benefits to researchers and users.

Food Texture Analyser is used for sensory evaluations like Freshness, spreadability, Tenderness, Springiness, Gumminess, Hardness, Firmness, Consistency, Fracturability etc of variety of Food Products viz: Bread, Biscuits, Jams, Jellies, Vegetables, Fruits, Chocolate, Rice, Cereals, Dough and Diary products.

SMS Food Texture Analysers also measure the extensibility of Dough using Kieffer Dough extensibility fixture. The quantity of sample required for testing does not exceed 10-15g and the Instrument provides direct comparison of Dough and Gluten extensibility thus obviating the need for an Extensograph.

Stable Micro Systems Texture Analysers also measure dough extensional rheology under conditions of strain similar to those of baking expansion and enables the rheological properties of both dough and gluten to be measured during biaxial stretching. This obviates the need of an Alveograph.

When a crisp food is broken or crushed, characteristic sounds are produced due to brittle fracture of the cell walls and the resultant acoustic emissions in the audible frequency range of 3 – 12kHz are used to quantify sensory crispness. Now for the first time, acoustic emission recording and analysis has been done using SMS Texture Analyser by integrating the data into Texture Exponent software, a recognized Texture analysis software package from Stable Micro Systems. This facilitates the collection of acoustic data as an integral part of the test alongside force, distance and time data to provide the ‘4th dimension in Texture Analysis’.

Stable Micro Systems Texture Analysers also measure powder flow characteristics. Almost any sample capable of flow can be tested. Controlled flow offers the ability to test in a manner that is complementary to your process or need. One may simply determine Particle cohesion after compaction, Flow after compaction, Resistance to compression, Batch and source variation, Resistance to flow.